"A FIFTY-SOMETHING' DADDY'S GIRL by Debbie Singh, Experience Specialist
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By Deb


“There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even when they have gone, the light remains.”


For whatever reason, last Father’s Day was difficult.  Naturally, I get melancholy because my Dad passed away in 1999, but it seemed like it was only yesterday he was here…playing with grandkids, fishing, telling jokes and laughing.  Oh, how I wished to hear his laugh again!  Try as I might to think about all the great Dads we still HAVE in our family, I just couldn’t shake the sadness of not having my own father here to celebrate.  And then it happened!  As I was going through a drawer in my hutch, I found it…a letter I’d written to my Dad for Father’s Day in 1991!  He’d put it in a plastic protector with other items he’d saved and placed it in his safe – only to be discovered after he was gone.  Time stopped as I sat down to read it.  I wrote that I wouldn’t be giving him the traditional shirt or fishing gear for Father’s Day, but rather ‘memories’ that had so enriched my life.  I remembered childhood lunches and playdates, high school drama and heartaches.  I remembered him teaching me to ride a bike along with every single neighborhood kid until we’d all made the passage from training wheels to freedom!  I remembered giving him each and every term paper I’d ever written and him being my greatest critic, but also my biggest fan.  I remembered the last time we went fishing when I was still his daughter and not yet someone’s wife.  I remembered the treasured moments of him playing with my daughter, the child of his child.  I remembered his life-changing advice and so much more.  I ended the letter thanking him for being my protector, my mentor, my rock.  I knew without a doubt, I wouldn’t be so happy a wife and mother, had I not been so lovingly fathered.  Yes, I was a daddy’s girl.  I had no fear of the world as long as my father was in it.  Maybe that’s why, some days, like this past Father’s Day, I’m gently reminded that I am making my way through the world without him –and I miss him.  I will have moments where I yearn for the safety of his arms and his words, no matter how old I get.  I will always be his daughter – I will always be HIS girl. 

By Audi
August 21, 2014 at 10:43am
This is so powerful! you are truly a gifted writer.
By jorieallen
December 16, 2014 at 07:34pm
Brought tears to my eyes Deb! What a sweet letter of memories you gave to your dad ~ and I bet that was his most treasured gift from HIS girl!! Audi is right ~ a truly gifted writer! You can tell it all comes from the heart!
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