"Are You The Kind of Person You Want To Meet?" by Deb Singh, Client Services
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By Deb

Saw the titled quote and had to think about that ~ am I the type of person I would want to meet?  While I have some good qualities, there are also areas where I fail.  But it has made me more determined to remind myself of this quote whenever I am out-and-about.  What a difference a smile can make to someone.  I think about the kinds of people that I DO like to meet:  friendly, honest, fun, spiritual, thoughtful, reliable, optimistic, kind, respectful and passionate.  I think about the businesses I return to and why; it's because they offer something of quality and are friendly.  Being mindful of this quote each and every day will hopefully make me a better person, and, a better employee.  So, ask yourself the question:  are YOU the kind of person you want to meet?


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