"HAPPY PEOPLE" by Deb Singh, Client Services
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By Deb

What do happy people do differently?  It's more than looking at a glass as half full...it's being CONTENT and GRATEFUL that the glass is half full, and it's also being hopeful that it can be refilled.  :D  We really DO choose our attitudes.  We choose each day to think positive or negative thoughts.  The world can be viewed as a very cruel place with so many sad and frightening stories on the news, but there are soooooooo many good news stories out there if you look for them.  There are websites dedicated to GOOD NEWS!  Surround yourself with people who are happy and you'll find yourself feeling happier.  Read about good news and the world and your surroundings will look brighter.  And here's some incentive to think happy thoughts:  Studies have shown that happy people live longer!  Let your focus this year be about creating more happiness in your life and you'll be surprised by the end of 2016 how bright the future is!


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