LESSONS I'VE LEARNED THROUGH TRAGEDY - by Angie Pearson, Massage Therapis
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By Deb

Over the past year I have experienced great tragedy.  I have lost three very important people in my life ~ all unexpectedly.  It's very easy to fall into anger, sadness, grief and confusion.  Life can throw you some pretty hard curve balls.  My heart hurts and my spirit feels broken, however, I have learned a valuable lesson through tragedy.

Life is short; you have to make the most out of each day.  So often we hold onto anger towards one another; so often we mean to do this or that, to call or visit someone, but we never get around to it.  Life gets busy and we get into our routines without reaching out to the ones that are important to us.

I've learned there is no going back.  I've learned we HAVE to make time for those we love.  I've learned to let go of anger and live each day as if it's my last because we just never know; it may be the last time we have to say, "I love you," or "I'm sorry," or "I forgive you." 

Take time for the ones you hold dear.  Find the beauty in each day, hold peace in your heart, breathe in the good and let go of the bad.  Most importantly, make the most of each and every day.


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