"Massage Therapy for Pain Management" by Tamara, Massage Therapist
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By Deb

Massage is very effective at helping to manage pain, anxiety, stress and difficulty sleeping.  Have you ever noticed your shoulders burning or neck feeling fatigued while sitting at your desk?  Do you experience headaches?  Is your back sore?  There are many techniques massage therapists utilize specific to your aches and pains that encourage and assist your body's natural pain defenses: endorphins!  Massage is a natural and effective way to target the root of muscular and soft tissue problems which will help to relieve symptoms ~ and regular massage will help to keep NEW problems from arising.  People who suffer from chronic muscle pain, headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia have benefited greatly from massage.  Don't mask your pain with pain medications that provide only temporary relief.  Try massage along with physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture care.  Remember that you are increasing your ability and longevity to do the things you love - you are investing in your overall future self!


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