"SLEEP" by Brittany Hobson, Salon Stylist, Massage Therapist & Esthetician
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By Deb

Sleep is an important part of being healthy.  While you sleep your body repairs and resets itself for a healthy and successful next day.  Having ongoing sleep deficiency has been linked to all sorts of terrible health problems such as heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure and stroke.  It's important to get your Z's - so let's look at ways to improve your sleep:

Quit the caffeine at 2 pm.  It takes five to seven hours for half of the caffeine in your system to dissipate after having a cup!

Nice, clean sheets can make you more comfortable.

Avoid blue light - all electronics emit blue light that messes with your body's natural clock.  Avoid all electronics a few hours before bed.  Most importantly: keep the bedroom an electric-free zone.

Pay attention to temperature.  We get our best sleep in a cool room; usually around 65-72 degrees is ideal.  Although keeping your feet warm is a good idea, having cold feet will keep you from falling alseep.  So, cool room-warm feet.

Aromatherapy can help.  Certain essential oils have been shown to help with falling asleep.  Anything with lavender helps.  My personal favorite is Aveda's Stress Fix oil.

Some foods are really good for gearing up for bedtime.  Trying having one of the following: warm milk, bananas, cherry juice, turkey, almonds, honey or herbal (caffeine free) tea.

Get more in touch with nature!  People who experience early morning sunlight on their skin tend to have a better nights sleep.  It helps reset the body's internal clock, similar to how avoiding blue light at night does.  Also doing something like "earthing" or "grounding" can help - which is simply taking off your shoes and socks and putting your feet directly on the ground (weather permitting, of course).  



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