Acupuncture Services

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Is great for relieving: anxiety, smoking cessation, pain, depression, sciatica, migraines, arthritis, nausea related to cancer treatments and much more.

First Session

Includes a health evaluation, and your first acupuncture treatment.

1.5 hours- $115+

Follow-Up Sessions

As recommended by our acupuncturist.

45 minutes- $70+

Comprehensive Health Evaluation

 1 hour- $50+

Dynamic Relax and Release

Combination of Acupuncture, Cupping, and Massage.

90 minutes- $85+

Chi Massage-add on to Acupuncture

15 minutes- $15 

Relaxation/Stress Session

Great way to try Acupuncture for the first time.

30-40 minutes- $40+


Developed thousands of years ago, cupping is the inverse of massage. Cupping creates a suction to move muscles upward to enhance circulation, help relieve pain, remove 'heat' from the body, and to help pull out toxins. Can be done alone or as an add-on to an Acupuncture treatment.

60 minutes-$60+

Add-on to Acupuncture treatment

15 minutes- $15+

30 minutes- $30+


WillowBridge Cancellation Policy:

We hope you will not need to cancel your appointment. In the event you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment we kindly request you adhere to our cancellation policy.
WillowBridge requires a minimum of 48 hour notice when changing or cancelling any specialty services which include: Formal Event Styles, Couples Massage and Spa Parties. All other services require a minimum of 24 hour notice when changing or cancelling an appointment.
A deposit and/or a credit card number may be required to reserve your appointment.