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The following list of supplements are most popular with our customers and will always be in stock. For all other products, we will be placing special orders weekly. If you would like to place an order, please call Diane A. at 763-552-6161 or leave a message at the front desk.

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Products in Stock


Cal Appatite w/ Magnesium

Co-Q-10 100 mg

Cortico B5 B6

D3 5000

Dynamic Greens - Berry

EPA-DHA Xtr Strength Lemon

Essential Defense


Mag Citrate

Mag Glycinate

Multigenics without Iron

Pain Eze

Protein Fusion Bars - Peanut Butter



Thyroid (used to be Thyrodex)


Ultra Clear Sustain

Ultra Flora Plus DF

Ultra Potent C - 500

Vessel Care

Zinc Lozenges

Nordic Berries

Nordic-Omega-3 Gummies

Bi Yan Pian
Sinus infection - face pain

Bupleurum Dragonbone Oystershell

Chuan Xin Lian
Antibiotic - take w/ Nu Ke Ban Zhen Wan for bladder infections

Curing Pills
Food poisoning or upset stomach

Da Bu Yin Wan - Min Shan
Hot flashes

Eight Flavor Rehmannia
Lots of menopausal symptoms

Four Marvel
Pain and weakness in low back, legs, feet

Gan Mao Ling
First sign of a cold

Ginger Candy
Weak stomach

First sign of a cold

Huang Lien Shang Ching Pien

Neck pain becoming a cold

Ledebouriella Sagely Unblocks
Deep respiratory cold

Loquat & Fritillary Throat Drops

Jako Kokotsu - Med Plaster White
Muscle pain

Hua Tuo - Med Plaster Yellow
Arthritic pain

Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan - MS
Younger women's problems, PMS, cramping

Pe Min Kan Wan
Sinus Allergies - trying to prevent symptoms

Pinnellia & Magnolia
Thick Throat Phlem

Po Sum On Oil
Muscle pain

Tiger Balm Red - Extra Strength
Muscle pain

Tiger Balm White
Muscle pain

Xiao Yao Wan - Min Shan
Strengthen the liver - menstrual problems - decrease anger