Teen Coaching

What the *&%$ is coaching? LOL. Sometimes, we don't have the tools (tools meaning people, help, desire, motivation) in our life, to help us be happy. Doesn't everyone want to be happy? If you're a teen reading this; "Are you happy?" If you're a parent reading this, "Do you want your son/daughter to be happy?"

Coaching is a process that brings out your inner truth. It helps you define what you need in your life, what you don't, and how to tell the difference. Coaching can simply be described as a compass. A compass gives you direction and gets you on the RIGHT path to get to your destination. Where do you want to go? What is your direction?

  • Happiness
  • Want to feel like yourself again?
  • Better grades
  • More friends
  • Support
  • Guidance on college
  • You name it

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Rochelle Anderson, MA, CLC
Professional Life Coach
Natural Health Consultant
Massage Therapist