Leadership Team
Willow Bridge Center

I love BOXING movies, well not the fighting part, but the story of the boxer. The courage, determination and the fact that no matter how much they get hit they get back up. It isn’t a “job” or something to do but a fire inside of them guiding them to follow their heart.

I adore my husband and son and feel my truest self when I am doing yoga. I believe you should always “follow your bliss” and eat guacamole and chips any chance you get.

According to the team, Stephanie is: a visionary, strong, compassionate, and perseverant.

Favorite quote: “Every man wants to believe in himself, and every man want to be fearless. We become heroes when we stand up for what we believe in. Before I won the gold medal at the Olympics, before I became the heavyweight champion of the world, before I stood up to the United States government for my religious beliefs, before I was named a Unites Nations Ambassador of Peace, and before I became the most recognized person in the world, I was just a kid from Kentucky who had the faith to believe in himself and the courage to follow his heart.” – Muhammad Ali