Community Acupuncture

Welcome to Community Acupuncture

We’re thrilled to introduce Community Acupuncture to the community!! Community Acupuncture is an effective and affordable form of healthcare that makes acupuncture accessible to a wide range of people. By making our treatments affordable we hope that patients can come in regularly to get better and stay healthy.

During Community Acupuncture, you and the other acupuncture patients receive treatment in the same large space with each person seated comfortably in a zero-gravity chair. Our licensed acupuncturist, Brian Banta, will move from person to person, completing a brief consultation and placing needles. There will be room for up to four patients at a time, with individual appointments available from 11am until 4:40pm. Appointments are set every 20 minutes and last approximately 45-60 minutes– you choose how long you’d like to relax!

Plan to wear loose-fitting clothing so your arms and legs can be accessed easily. Treatment is given using distal treatment style. Distal means using points on the extremities such as shoulders to fingers and knees to toes. Some treatments may include the head and ears as well.

Treatment will take place in our Yoga Studio, plan to arrive 15 minutes early and check in with our Front Desk. First time WillowBridge Acupuncture patients will need to complete intake paperwork prior to receiving services.

Community Acupuncture is meant to help you take a break from life and stress and take a minute for yourself– and can be used to address multiple health issues including digestive disorders, stress and pain management, migraines, and a myriad of other issues. Brian Banta, LAc may make recommendations for follow-up care and future appointments.

Pricing: All Session are $30

Community acupuncture is meant to be a low-cost and affordable treatment and to help you come back for more frequent treatments. We accept all major credit cards including HSA cards! If you are paying in person with cash or check, you will need to come in to make your payment to hold your spot. Our Front Desk can print off a receipt for you to provide to your  insurance company, however we are not able to bill your insurance company directly. We have found that many insurance co-payments are more than we charge for a treatment so you may want to consider checking with your insurance company about your coverage, as Community Acupuncture may be less.


Cancelation Policy: If you need to cancel your session, please do so at least 24 hours in advance through MindBody or give us a call at 763-552-6161. Cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment will result in full payment of service. If you are cancelling due to unforeseeable circumstances, including sickness, give us a call to get your appointment rescheduled. Community Acupuncture session purchases are valid for one year from purchase date.