Massage & Body Treatments

Classic Massage

We provide therapeutic massage and bodywork to enhance the well-being of you mind and body by offering over 20 massage techniques including: Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, sports, medical rehabilitative, reflexology, reiki, medical, prenatal, labor stimulation, hot stone, gua sha, prenatal, and couples massage. We are dedicated to providing our clients with purposeful-nurturing treatments along with the education needed to help promote healing and overall well-being.

Please notify us when scheduling your massage appointment if you are pregnant-a high risk-pregnancy requires a note from your doctor.

30-Minute Massage$50+
60-Minute Massage$75+
90-Minute Massage$105+
120-Minute Massage$135+
Chair Massage$15+
10 minute minimum, 20 minute max
Couples Massage | 60-Minute Massage$175+
Share your relaxation experience together, in our specially designed couple’s suite. Each massage is personalized to fit each of your needs. Chocolates top off the experience! Deposit required when scheduling.
Hot Stone Therapy | 90-Minute Massage$125+
Experience smooth, hot stones to help induce deep healing and total relaxation.
Reflexology & Herbal Bath | 60-Minute Massage$75+
A relaxing bath for your tired feet. This experience is combined with massage using pressure points on the soles of the feet, to promote relaxation and healing throughout the entire body.
90-Minute Session
60-Minute Session
30-Minute Session

*Hair removal prior to body treatments is not recommended. 

Body Treatments

A head to toe experience. Our Body Treatments include: dry exfoliation, hydration and light massage. Each treatment is customized with your chosen aroma!

Stress-Fix™ | 60-Minutes$90+
Clinically proven to reduce the feelings of stress. Leave feeling relaxed!
Rosemary Mint™ | 60-Minutes$90+
Uplifting and invigorating. Breathe deeply and awaken body and soul!
Beautifying™ | 60 Minutes$90+
So beautiful. so nourishing. Leave with a beautiful glow!