Skin Care, Waxing & Lashes

Healthy and glowing is our goal for your skin. Our Skin Care Team will be able to deeply cleanse and treat your skin with a customized facial treatment. Your treatment will begin with a complete skin analysis, then your Esthetician will choose the correct products to target the needs of your skin and also your experience. After your treatment is complete, at home care will be recommended to maintain the look and feel of your skin.

Facial Treatments

Dry, oily, aging, uneven, sensitive and acneic skin conditions and eye concerns can all be addressed with a customized facial treatment. After a thorough consultation, your esthetician will provide the best combination of products, personalized aromas and techniques and design a customized treatment that will move your skin toward balance and reveal its natural beauty.

Facial treatments are recommended on a weekly or monthly basis to achieve and maintain optimal results.

Aveda Tulasara™ 90-Minute Facial $115-128+
Customized facial with 30 minutes of intensive work on one area of focus or additional work on a second focus
Aveda Tulasara™ 60-Minute Facial$85-93+
Customized facial with 20 minutes of intensive work on one area of focus
Aveda Tulasara™ 30-Minute Facial$55-63+
Customized facial with work on one area of focus; most effective in a treatment series
Aveda Tulasara™ Dual Exfoliation Peel 60 Minutes$115-128+
Aveda Tulasara™ Dual Exfoliation Peel 90 Minutes$130+
Aveda’s plant-powered alternatives to microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The Dual Exfoliation Peel is Aveda’s latest advancement in non-invasive, skin-renewing treatments. Using innovative techniques, this treatment combines Aveda’s naturally derived mechanical and biochemical exfoliation methods into one powerful service that transforms and rejuvenates the skin through the process of dual exfoliation. The treatment delivers immediate, visible results in improved skin texture and radiance; smoothed appearance of fine, dry lines; and refined pores, revealing fresher, younger-looking skin. In a clinical study, the dual exfoliation peel achieved better results than a combined microdermabrasion/30% glycolic peel treatment in both immediate smoothness and radiance, plus significantly better results in smoothness, radiance and the appearance of skin tone one week later.
Back Facial | 30-Minute Facial$55-58+
The hard-to-reach area of your back is tended to during this deep-cleansing treatment. Shoulders, neck, and back are purified and refined to ensure well cared-for skin all over.
High Frequency 60-Minute Facial$128+
High Frequency 90-Minute Facial $148+
Dermaplanning 60-Minute Facial$128+
Dermaplanning 90-Minute Facial$148+
Dermarolling 60-Minute Facial$128+
Dermarolling 90-Minute Facial$148+

Facial Treatment Add Ons

Aveda Botanical Skin Resurfacing Treatment$10+
Go beyond microdermabrasion, and energize the look of your skin with a professional facial treatment that helps smooth skin texture and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and pore size while significantly increasing radiance-all with less visible redness and irritation that a microdermabrasion procedure.
Aveda Perfecting Plant Peel℠$30+
Advancing the science of chemical peels, this professional facial treatment helps retexturize skin; smooth fine, dry lines; refine the look of pores; and restore radiance. Safe for acneic skin conditions, the Perfecting Plant Peel can be performed as a standalone treatment or added to any other facial treatment any time skin needs the exfoliation and radiance benefits of a 30% glycolic peel procedure with less of the associated redness and irritation.
Aveda Eye Zone Treatment$20+
Reduce under-eye circles, puffiness and fine lines while energizing, hydrating, and moisturizing the delicate skin around the eyes through a combination of intensely moisturizing skin care products, warm and cool sensations, and stimulating acupressure points.


Waxing treatments ensure that the skin is properly cared for both before and after hair removal. Our waxing services are performed with either soy or sugar-based hair removal products that provides a safer and gentler alternative to traditional wax. Our thorough consultations and unique relaxing rituals allow the most comfort with effective results. Make sure to let us know if your’re using doctor-prescribed skin care products or taking any medications so we can avoid contra-indications. Waxing is not recommended for those who have recently used Retin-A, Renova, Differinor or Accutane. To get the best results, the hair being removed needs to be at least ¼ inch long, typically seven to fourteen days of hair growth.

Brow, Lip or Chin$23-27+
Lip and Brow Combo$28+
Full Face$35-39+
Under Arm$30-34+
Full Arms$40-44+
Full Leg$60-64+
Upper Leg$48-52+
Lower Leg$48-52+
Bikini Traditional$38-42+

Lash Extentions

Full Set - Lash Extentions$160+
Full Set - Lash Fill$80+


Eyelash or Eyebrows$22-24+
Eyelash and Eyebrows$39-43+

Ear Candling

For thousands of years Ear Candling has been used as a way to naturally cleanse the inside of their ears. Ear Candling is a natural, non-intrusive procedure that may help alleviate the painful effects of chronic headaches or sinus conditions, ear infections, allergies, or vertigo, as well as minor hearing loss due to excessive earwax build up. Fully clothed technique.

45 minutes$40+