I’m new to yoga, what should I expect?
Congratulations! And welcome. Expect a warm, friendly, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. Start wherever you are. You don’t have to know the poses or get them right. Focus on your breath and the rest will come. You will be challenged. The benefits include strength, flexibility, balance, toned muscles and possible weight loss.

We have a Beginner’s Package available if you are not fully comfortable jumping into our classes, the package includes a 75-Minute private yoga session and your first month of unlimited yoga.

What should I bring?
If you have a mat, bring it with you. If not, no worries, we have mats and plenty of extra blocks, straps and bolsters on hand for you to use. We recommend bringing a water bottle in to class.

What should I wear?
Dress in loose comfortable clothing.

Can I eat before class?
It’s best to have a light snack within the hour before class.

When should I show up?
Show up about 15 minutes early if it’s your first class and feel free to let the instructor know so we can help support your practice. Once you get used to the studio and the practice, try to be on your mat at least a few minutes before class begins. We understand that things happen, if you come late, please check in on the iPad and enter the studio quietly. We’d prefer you be late then not come in at all!

How often should I practice?
You can practice every day, but it’s up to you. As you develop a deeper sense of awareness through your practice, your body will tell you what you need and we will be ready for you.