New Students

We love beginners!

At the WillowBridge Yoga Studio, any class is open to beginners. Yoga is a physical, mental and emotional journey, and you can start wherever you are. If you’re new to class, injured or recovering from injury tell the instructor.

Drink water prior to class, and bring water with you. It’s very important to stay hydrated. Don’t come on a completely empty stomach, but please don’t come on a full stomach either. We are here to help you feel amazing, not frustrated.

You don’t have to be flexible. You don’t need the latest, greatest, most expensive yoga clothes. You just have to show up. You are the most important part of your practice.

Feel free to arrive at least 10 minutes early. Find a spot in the center of the room. There’s no use hiding in the back or the corner. No one is judging your practice and you need to be able to see the students around you.

Please remove your shoes before entering the studio. We have cubbies available for your belongings located in our entry way of the studio. We consider the studio a sacred place and ask that you not bring a lot of extras into class. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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